Alabama doesn't boast the greatest income levels in the country, but there are plenty of affluent areas spread around the state. 

Business Insider researched all 50 states to find the wealthiest town or city in each based on median household income. They used data from the American Community Survey between 2008-12 to identify any places with at least 1,000 residents and averaged the income to compile the list for every state.

The richest city in Alabama can be found over the mountain from downtown Birmingham. Mountain Brook leads the state with an average household income of $135,833. The city's most recent census info shows a population of just over 20,000.

That income amount places Mountain Brook just outside of the top half of the country. Alabama's wealthiest city ranks 26th in the nation.

  1. Hidden Hills, CA (>$250,000)
  2. Chevy Chase, MD (>$250,000)
  3. Short Hills, NJ ($235,799)
  4. Piney Point Village, TX ($233,636)
  5. Scarsdale, NY ($232,422)

All of the top-ranked cities are on the smaller side (between 1,000 and 18,000 people) and are typically found in the suburbs of a major metropolitan area.

The only state with a wealthier city than Alabama is Tennessee. Belle Meade, which is just south of Nashville, has one of the highest averages in the nation at $213,375. You can see the full list of states and cities here.