TownScare put a wrap on its second haunted house, Malice in Otherworld, on Halloween night but some of the screams will live on forever.

The house was unique thanks to a story telling structure that took you into the mind of a young girl and her twisted Alice in Wonderland fantasy. From the mad hatter's welcome after you walk in the door to a rabbit chasing you out of the house with a chainsaw, there were plenty of surprises inside the house located in downtown Northport.

During the three week period that the haunted house stayed open, we took a GoPro camera inside and positioned it in different rooms to capture some of the best scares of the event. The video above shows features some of the best reactions we were able to document.

In case you weren't able to make it to the house or were just too afraid to go inside, we recorded the entire tour by strapping the camera to the head of a visitor.