My friend Angel Eaton is a vibrant 16-year-old Hillcrest student who's currently undergoing treatment for Ewing's sarcoma and she needs your help!

Ewing's sarcoma is a rare form of bone cancer, with only about 200 cases diagnosed each year. Angel was diagnosed with Ewing's in October 2013, just a few shorts months into her sophomore year. Angel's tumor was located on her left rib cage. Initially, surgery was not an option, but after more than three months of chemotherapy, the tumor shrank enough that Angel's surgeon believed she would be successful in removing at least a large portion of the tumor. On Feb. 28, the tumor was removed, along with three ribs.

Unfortunately, Angel is not yet cancer-free. While the main tumor is gone, there are still multiple spots and cancer cells that remain. As a matter of fact, earlier this week she underwent another round of Chemo and spent a few days down in the dumps thanks to the treatment.

In my experiences fundraising to end childhood cancer I have met a lot of kids who are forced to grow up quicker than any should ever have to. They have to be the rock for their parents to lean on in most cases and have to put up strong fronts to calm their own fears. All the while, deep down inside, they long to be normal. They want to go to concerts, play sports, and just be regular kids like so many they see around them.

When I met Angel for the first time, she came right up to me and asked me to pick whatever color 'Angel's Wariors' bracelet I wanted and with that, I considered us friends and haven't taken that blue and red bracelet off since. We spent the afternoon together talking. She told me of her love for Florida-Georgia Line and Taylor Swift and how she so badly wanted to go to a concert but couldn't be around large crowds. We exchanged numbers and I now get frequent updates from she and her mom on how she's doing and I also follow along on her 'Angel's Warriors' Facebook page.

This week as I was checking that Facebook page and noticed a link to have Angel's picture put into the 'Brave, Bald and Beautiful 2015 Calendar.' Of course I voted first, then investigated.

'Brave, Bald and Beautiful' is a social enterprise created after Author Brianne Banning published The Beautiful Bald Princess and The Brave Bald Knight books.

Brianne's daughter has fought two different forms of cancer. At 6-months-old she developed Neuroblastoma and Wilms at 5-years-old. It is difficult to tell a kindergartner she will be losing her hair. To ease the process, together they created “The Beautiful Bald Princess” in which the princess meets The Hair Fairy who walks beside cancer patients gathering their hair and keeping it safe until they are finished with their battle.

Well, this wonderful organization is now putting out the 'Brave, Bald and Beautiful 2015 Calendar' and my friend Angel would love to be featured!

This is where you come in...

Click on the link below and vote for Angel to be featured in the calendar! When the page opens, Click the word "VOTE" located toward the bottom right corner of Angel's sweet face. That's it!

Feel free to share on Facebook, Twitter or any other place you can! The contest ends at Midnight CST on Sept 25th.