It's McRib season right now at McDonald's, and I've never quite understood why people get so excited about a revolting chunk of 'meat' doused in Kraft barbecue sauce.

If you happen to be someone who has a hankering for the unsavory sandwich, you might not want to look at the above photo of an uncooked McRib patty that was posted to Reddit earlier this week.

The unappetizing photo supposedly shows a frozen McRib before it's cooked or covered in sauce. It looks like a pinkish slab of particle board or maybe even a piece of packing styrofoam you might find protecting a TV while it's still in the box. Either way, it's not something that I would be thrilled to eat.

One thing is for sure though -- the amount of engineering that went into making the finished product look like an actual mini-rack of ribs is pretty impressive.

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