Thanks to a traffic stop and a diligent police officer, three people were arrested in Millersville, Tennessee for pickpocketing people in Tuscaloosa over the weekend.

WKRN-TV in Nashville reports that a two men and woman were traveling back to Chicago on I-65 when an officer pulled them over for a license plate violation. They told the officer that they had been in Tuscaloosa for the Alabama-LSU game.

When he discovered that the female had multiple IDs on her, he detained the passengers and searched the vehicle. Authorities say more IDs, social security cards, credit cards, and thousands of dollars in gift cards were found.

The Millersville Police Department has been in contact with The University of Alabama and the UAPD about the items recovered. The school released this statement:

UAPD investigators have been in touch with Millersville Police regarding the recovery of stolen property. While the investigation is still preliminary, it does appear that certain property recovered from the traffic stop conducted by Millersville Police on I-65 does match property that was reported stolen by fans attending Saturday night’s game at Bryant-Denny stadium. UAPD and MPD will continue to work together on this investigation.

If you think you might have been a victim over the weekend, contact the University of Alabama Police Department.

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