If someone asked you what the most common road names in the country were, there's a good chance you'd be able to name a few. From presidents to numbers, you see many of the same streets from town to town.

Thanks to a lot of research by The Washington Post, we now know just how often these names show up around the country. The newspaper sifted through more than one million road names in the United States to find which names are the most popular. It turns out that you can find a 'Park' street in nearly 10,000 different locations.

For the state of Alabama, 'Park' barely cracks the top 10. Instead, 'Dogwood' can be found most often in our state. That name ranks 21st nationally, but it's also the most common in Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina.

Here are the 10 most popular names in Alabama:

  1. Dogwood, 240
  2. 2nd / Second, 212
  3. 1st / First, 210
  4. Pine, 206
  5. 3rd / Third, 204
  6. 4th / Fourth, 203
  7. Oak, 203
  8. Park, 203
  9. 5th / Fifth, 188
  10. Jackson, 178

If you'd like to see the breakdown for all 50 states, visit The Washington Post's comprehensive list here.

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