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AHSAA Cancels Summer Competitions
The summer time is usually a crucial time of preparation for football teams everywhere. Weightlifting, conditioning and summer competitions are a staple across high school football across the country. Today the Alabama High School Athletic Association released a memo stating that summer competitions…
100 Students Kicked Off Plane
What should've been a fun vacation trip from New York to Atlanta turned nightmarish on Monday morning when an airline kicked a group of 101 Yeshiva students and their eight chaperones off a plane for being rambunctious. The school, however, says the incident was blown way out of proportion and …
14 Creative Yearbook Quotes
If you're a recent graduate, you might've thought for a moment or two about the legacy you've left behind. Pranks are always a good go-to in our books, but a safer, less offensive way to leave an impression on your school is through creative yearbook quotes.
High Schooler Expelled
In what seems to be the latest in a disturbing trend of anti-gay sentiment directed against kids and teens, a 18-year-old Florida high school student named Kaitlyn Hunt has been expelled and faces criminal charges for having a consensual relationship with another student of the same sex.
Prom-Bound Seniors Saved Lives
A group of teens had a legendary prom night, for a rather unusual reason. They didn't set a new high school keg stand record -- they stopped on the way to the dance to rescue some people who were in a car accident.
Nation's Top Ranked High Schools
Newsweek and The Daily Beast released its top 2,000 high schools in America and 20 Alabama schools made the list. Of those 20, however, there wasn't a single school from the West Alabama area.
According to the rankings, the list is compiled from six different components...

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