Soul Singer Betty Wright Passed Away

The legendary soul singer Betty Wright passed away today at the age of 66, and the cause of death has not been announced at the time of this posting of this story.

A few days ago, Chaka Khan made a please on twitter “Calling all my #PrayWarriors | My beloved sister, Betty Wright @MsBettyWright, is now in need of all your prays. “Que Sera, Sera | Whatever Will Be, Will Be” In Jesus Name We Pray for Sister Betty. All My Love Chaka”

Her niece also announced the news of Betty Wright’s passing on twitter @iBellaNIEMA, “My auntie was a legend.... she helped me get my first paychecks singing background..... and I didn’t make it to see you this past week, and that’s going to haunt me .... R.I.P. Betty Wright.”  I totally agree that Betty Wright is legendary not only for her music but also for launching her own record label.  According to TMZ, “Betty made a bold move in the '80s, launching her own independent label ... it had not been done before by a female artist. That's when she recorded "No Pain (No Gain)." Ever heard that phrase? Later she recorded "Mother Wit," and it went gold -- the first time an African-American female singer went gold on her own record label.”

The clean-up woman had a long list of musical hits that had us all singing right along, like No Pain, No Gain, Clean Up Woman, Tonight Is The Night and many others.  According to ET Online, “The late singer's "Where Is the Love," won Best R&B Song at the 1976 GRAMMY Awards.” Wright also influenced many other artists, like “Mary J. Blige’s remix of "Real Love," as well as for other songs by SWV, Sublime, Willie D, Afrika Bambaattaa and Chance the Rapper. Wright's first hit, "Girls Can't Do What Guys Do," was also sampled for Beyonce's "Upgrade U.”  Rest in Peace Betty Wright!

(Source)  For more on Betty Wright from TMZ, click here, and from ET Online, click here. 

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