Chris Rock skewering the #OscarsSoWhite controversy during his monologue at the 2016 Oscars didn’t sit well with a few celebrities. Tyrese was very vocal about the comedian’s performance and now Rick Ross has jump into the fray with his own criticisms.

During an interview with Washington, D.C. radio station 93.9, Rozay called Rock a “cornball” and said that he was never fond of the comedian.

“Chris Rock, he a cornball. Let’s keep it real,” he said. “I ain’t even finna kick it with y'all like that. Chris Rock a cornball. And I'mma leave it right there. It wasn't funny. He ain't the one. I'm not a fan of his."

Elsewhere in the interview, Ross talked about his new deal with Epic Records and his work with Adrien Broner.

"I just closed my new situation with Epic Records," he said. "I'm doing big things over there at Epic Records. Me and Broner, we just sat down and we doing some big things. I wanna make sure that this year, people will get to see that other side of AB. Of course, him being the incredible fighter that he is, but the other side of him, which is a great businessman, a great family man."

Watch the video above and fast-forward to the 12 minute mark to hear his Chris Rock comment.

Do you agree with Rick Ross' remarks about Chris Rock and his Oscar performance? Tell us in the comments below.

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