Surprise, no one! 'Modern Family,' a show that has been nominated 57 times since it's debut and won Outstanding Comedy Series the last three years, once again won the Outstanding Comedy Series at the 2013 Emmy Awards.

Despite not winning any individual acting awards, 'Modern Family' took home the big prize, beating out 'Girls,' 'Louie,' '30 Rock' and 'The Big Bang Theory.'

The love affair the Emmys have had with 'Modern Family' has been something of an inside joke for the past few years, as the comedy series has typically dominated all the comedy awards. Many thought this would be the year an outsider would finally take the prize as up-and-coming shows like 'Girls' and 'Louie' were gaining awards show steam.

But, the juggernaut that 'Modern Family' would not be denied and Will Ferrell (with a funny intro bit) gave the cast and crew their fourth Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy.

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