The Midwest has long been perceived as the "tornado capital" of the US. States like Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska are popular hunting grounds for storm chasers; most people seem to think that these states see more tornadoes than any other place in America. New data from the National Weather Service proves that simply isn't true. Where, then, is tornado alley really located? The answer may surprise you. 

The map above shows a count of Tornado Warnings issued by local National Weather Service offices across America since January 1, 2005. The state with the most tornado warnings issued? It's Mississippi. Alabama is number two.

Take a closer look--Central and South Mississippi alone had 1,534 tornado warnings issued. That's just for one region of the state! The next most tornado prone region is Central Alabama, with an astounding 1,124 tornado warnings issued since 2005.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has declared this week (February 16-February 21, 2014) Severe Weather Awareness Week. The National Weather Service, the Alabama Emergency Management Agency, and other supporting organizations ask for your help in providing the public with information about severe weather safety. Advance planning and increased awareness will help residents of Alabama survive these deadly storms.

For more information about tornado warnings and other severe weather threats, check out the National Weather Service in Birmingham's All Hazards Guide. It's a great resource for helping your family prepare for any severe weather situation.


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