The State of Alabama has revealed a new campaign poster featuring our own Alabama Crimson Tide Head Football Coach Nick Saban! The coach has been recruited to motivate fans to GO register to vote! We all know, the power of Nick to motivate and the state is on to something!

Well, it's now all Crimson in this drive. The state has also recruited rival coach of Auburn, Gus Malzahn.

You may have seen the campaign video played on the jumbotron at Bryant-Denny Stadium or Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Now, there is a poster and it looks great!

Below is Nick's poster, which shows him holding up his arms questioning, "what do you mean you haven't registered to vote?"

Gus' poster shows an excited fist pump saying, "Boom! I told you- you could make a difference if you were registered to vote!"

The purpose of this initiative is to encourage involvement within the electoral process and to ensure each eligible citizen of Alabama is afforded the educational materials necessary to be an informed voter. It is the Secretary of State’s Office’s responsibility to ensure that every Alabamian who is eligible to be a registered voter has the opportunity to receive a photo ID and exercise his or her right to vote.

The state is trying to make it as easy as possible, offering mail-in registration too! Click here for the form.

For more information, please call the Secretary of State’s Office at 334-242-7200.