Weather Update for Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Tuscaloosa started the morning off with temperatures around 43.  Today and tomorrow, you can expect sunshine.  The high for today will be near 70 with calm winds.  Tonight, the low will be around 47 with clear conditions.  The timeline for our next chance for rain will come either late Thursday or in the overnight hours of Friday.  For Friday and Saturday, across the state, the rain will be widespread and should be a substantial rain event for our area.  Saturday there is a good chance for thunderstorms by the afternoon.

My advice for those attending football games and outdoor events this weekend is to check the venue’s policy on umbrellas.  Some places do not allow umbrellas, so it would be a good idea to plan ahead for rain gear.  Here are some great ideas from Confessions of a Sports Mama, she suggests items such as rain poncho, rain jackets, rain boots, and more.  She even gives you a few items you might not think about, like a stadium seat cushion, so you don’t have to sit on wet bleachers.

Have a great Wednesday @MaryKRadio

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