The entrances to Bessemer's Memorial Mound have been sealed off by police after videos and photos exposing the shocking condition of the abandoned burial facility went viral. Ransacked caskets, exposed remains, and abhorrent neglect and decay have forced police to heavily guard Memorial Mound as they attempt to find who is responsible for this unbelievable tragedy.

The video above was posted to YouTube earlier this week; its creators toured Memorial Mound and filmed their experience in hopes of exposing the horrid conditions of the facility. The content of the video is shocking to say the least--it should only be viewed by mature audiences.

Memorial Mound's state of decay was also highlighted in a recent post on What's Left of Birmingham, an urban exploration blog. (You can view the post HERE; please note these photos contain disturbing content.)

Memorial Mound is located on Bessemer's Dartmouth Avenue. It was opened in 1992 with the intention of providing residents with a final resting place that was meant to be similar to ancient catacombs and burial mounds, but with the added advantages of modern technology.'s Carol Robinson explained Memorial Mound's heartbreaking tale of failure and eventual neglect in an article published earlier this week; you can read it HERE.

Bessemer Police have boarded up the previously open entrances to Memorial Mound and are said to be investigating the crime scene for any indication as to who is responsible for ransacking the facility; they have asked the public to please stay away until the investigation is complete.