'Ham Ham Jam Jam 6' happens Friday through Sunday at Egan's on The Strip and hopes to raise money and awareness for West Alabama Aids Outreach (WAAO).

Who is Ham Bagby? First off, Ham is short for Hamilton. He's the really tall bearded guitar player you've seen playing in just about every bar here in Tuscaloosa playing with just about every local band and more. You've probably passed him a few times as he's made his way up and down The Strip. Come to think of it, every time I've seen him has been on The Strip.

Well, Ham is again bringing people and music together for his annual event and this year all money goes to WAAO whose mission is to educate, support, and to serve the people of West Alabama on HIV/AIDS-related issues in a 10 county area.

Services they provide include assistance with housing, medication payment and transportation as well as procurement of food and personal hygiene items, support groups, referrals as necessary, free testing and prevention education.

Photo by DSmithImages

Ham Bagby & The Seige will play this weekend as will Elliot and Sweetdog of The Dexateens, Blaine Duncan & The Lookers, The Golden Monica, Shiny Machine, The Ne'er-Do-Wells and Baak Gwai.

For the weekend's round of music they're not changing a cover to get in but donations are encouraged. Music starts at 11pm on Friday, 10:30pm Saturday and a 4pm start on Sunday.

Learn more about West Alabama Aids Outreach and how you can help by clicking here.

Let them know you're coming to the 'Ham Ham Jam Jam' on their Facebook page.