For many moms and dads in Tuscaloosa, the Little Lambs Consignment Sale is a well-known event. But, if you aren’t familiar, I wanted to provide a little insight into a great money saving method for parents and grandparents. Of course, even if you don’t know the event, you may be familiar with the consignor idea. Basically, there are about 225 people who bring in their gently used items to sell. Each consignor makes some money and then the rest of the proceeds go to the children’s ministry at FUMCT, oops that First United Methodist Church of Tuscaloosa.

The Little Lambs Consignment Sale is held every fall and spring at the First Methodist church in downtown Tuscaloosa (that’s the yellow brick church). This is the week for the fall/winter sale. It means deals on baby gear, nursery decorations, toys, and of course, tons of clothing. Specifically the clothing has to be fall or winter clothing. So, you will see coats, boots, Halloween costumes, Alabama football outfits, Christmas dresses, and basic fall and winter apparel, along with things like swings, cribs, high chairs, strollers, car seats, and toys of all shapes and sizes. The rules on consigning are pretty strict, so the gear and clothing is in really good condition. It can’t be stained or damaged, and it is still a good deal.

In the past sales, I have found great deals on an exersaucer for $25 instead of $85, a bouncy chair for $15 instead of $30, a car seat for $25 instead of $75, toys at probably half of what the retail normally is, and of course tons of clothing. The clothing will be everything from smocked dresses and name brands to basics outfits and onesies that might run as low as $3 for 5.

The first day to shop is Thursday, August 21 at the preview sale. The doors open to the public at 6:00pm and stay open until 8. Honestly, people line up ahead of time. It is like Black Friday- fun and great and crazy all at the same time (and don’t forget great deals).  The preview sale is $5 admission and no strollers allowed. It gets pretty full and there just isn’t room. If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, then you might just come during the day on Friday from 9-6. And, on Saturday from 9-12, a lot of the merchandise is marked half off. Both Friday and Saturday are free admission.

Here are a few tips from a past shopper. One, have a basket, or tote bag, or something to carry your goodies around. Your hands can fill up fast! Two, have a plan. You want to know what size clothes you will need for the season ahead and any of the gear you might be looking for so that you know where to head when you get in there. Also, clean out your car. If you have any bigger items you might grab, you will want some room to put them! Does it sound like this comes from experience?? J

The easiest way to find more info and see pictures from this sale and previous sales will be at the Facebook page.