Laura Upgraded to a Hurricane

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All of our attention is now placed on Laura. The system has been upgraded to a Hurricane this morning (Tuesday, August 25, 2020). What does this mean for the central and west Alabama areas? According to the Facebook page of the National Weather Service, the “confidence is low at this time, but the outer bands from the remnants of Laura could affect west and Northwest Alabama on Friday.”

Here are my thoughts about Hurricane Laura:

• Due to the conditions in the Gulf of Mexico, Laura could strengthen.

• Laura is expected to intensify into a major hurricane. There is a possible timetable of rapid intensification.

• Significant concerns with Laura is the storm surge, along with typical hurricane behaviors.

• The track at this time is west-northwest until Wednesday. Then there could be a turn to the northwest.

• Wednesday night Laura should approach the Southwest Louisiana and Upper Texas coasts.  Expected landfall for Thursday morning.

I will continue to monitor Hurricane Laura and bring you updates, especially concerning the impacts to central and west Alabama.

(Source) For more the Facebook page of the National Weather Service, click here. 

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