The weekend turned deadly for a Birmingham woman on Friday night. As reported by, the Birmingham woman, whose identity is being held until the family is notified, received a bullet wound Friday night and was taken to UAB hospital. The victim was later pronounced dead on Saturday.

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The incident happened in the Norwood Apartments over in the 3200-block located on 17th Ave N. Officer Truman Fitzgerald told that it was believed the two women got into a verbal argument ending in Bloodshed.

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Fitzgerald told, “We believe the second adult female shot our victim,” The authorities believe both the shooter and victim have children who share the same father. reported that social media images and video of the accused shooter pointing a gun at the victim have been posted online.

In the videos and images, the victim is holding her two daughters while the accused is pointing a gun at her.  Currently, the suspect is being held in custody pending formal also reported the victim's two sons were present at the time of the shooting.

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