Some dogs never outgrow their puppy playfulness.

But what about dogs that maintain the look of a young pup as they age?

A TikTok user from San Diego has created an account for a dog whose breed they claim "stays a puppy forever."

Meet Milo The Mini Dachshund who appears to be immune to aging.

Milo's owner first introduced him to TikTok last week with a video showing how he has developed from a young puppy into an adult dog.

Spoiler alert: There isn't much of a difference.

"They look like golden retriever puppies when full grown," the text reads over a shot of Milo's cream-colored face.

His owner said she spent 5 years convincing her boyfriend they should get a dog. From the looks of a recent post, the two became fast friends.

Milo's youthful looks and playful approach to life has made plenty of fans outside of his household.

After just a week on TikTok, his account is already up to nearly 53,000 followers and 3.7 million likes.

Just try to look at that face in the post below and not hit "like." You can't.

According to, dachshunds like Milo are often bred in either English cream and clear cream fur colors.

"English cream dachshunds are also known to be very expensive due to their coat color," the website states. "A certain gene...causes the unique shade of their fur and creates different coat types that confuse many pet owners."

While it is unclear if Milo has this specific gene, we can be certain he enjoys a fun night out getting tacos and margaritas with his fam.

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