The heat is on a Jacksonville, Florida daycare that fired a teacher for saving her kids from a fire.

When Michelle Hammack walked into the kitchen and noticed some flames coming from the oven in the kitchen at Little Temples Childcare last week, she returned to her classroom, woke up her napping kids and then led them outside to safety.

Not content, Hammack went back inside to make sure there were no children left and, realizing the blaze was small enough for her to handle, she put it out before firemen arrived on the scene.

Hero, right? Nope.

The next day, Hammack showed up at work to learn she had been given her walking papers.

Little Temples owner Olga Rozhaov said, "I fired her only because she left her room. Even though children are sleeping, the teachers are supposed to be there."

She also has no regrets over her decision and warned anyone else who finds him or herself under her employ, by noting, "It's not acceptable, and if anybody else does the same thing, I will fire again. I will fire them. No question."

For her part, Hammack says she's being given the shaft, adding, "I didn't start the fire. I put it out."

What do you think? Was the firing justified or should she have been let go for violating school policy?

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