Hazardous Weather Outlook For Today, Sunday April 12, 2020

All of Alabama for this afternoon, evening, and into the overnight hours has the potential for severe weather.  For this radio station's listening area, there is a Hazardous Weather Outlook in place.  The timing for our area is between 1 pm, and 1 am with a more intense threat near the 3 pm / 4 pm time frame.  But, this timing is just a guide and can fluctuate as the day continues.  All of Central Alabama is now in a "Moderate Risk" area for severe storms, which includes the risk of long-track tornadoes, golf ball size hail, and 70 mph straight-line winds.

- Things to think about now -

Identity your safe place in your home or business.

If you typically go to a community shelter, find out soon if they will be open.  Some shelters might be closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Have different ways to receive watches and warnings.

Know the difference between watches and warnings.

Don't forget your pets. 

Personal Note:  People think I'm crazy when I mention this, but be sure to put your shoes on before you seek shelter in your home.  When you are home, you are relaxed and might kick your shoes off.  But, in times of a weather emergency, it's a good idea to keep your shoes on.  In 2011, I had many listeners that took the advice and were able to walk out of their shelter place onto damage grounds with no foot injuries, while some neighbors were walking with bare feet on top of the debris.

We will keep you updated as the day progress on our severe weather situation.  Also, please know that if conditions warrant, we will be hosting wall to wall weather coverage as well.

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