Imagine, if you will, a tranquil morning at home with your family. You're just minding your own business, maybe sleeping in for the weekend... and suddenly, your child strolls into the room and tells you there's a snake in the bathroom.

Your kid seems relatively chill, so you decide to go investigate, but you have no idea what fresh hell awaits you just down the hallway of your once placid home. You think at best, your kid had a nightmare and at worst, there's a garden snake somewhere in the house.

Imagine placing your foot down on what you assume is a misplaced toy and hearing a strange tapping sound.




What's up with that tapping? you think before realizing--your foot is on top of the snake. Only it's not just any snake--it's a biga*s WATER MOCCASIN.

This is EXACTLY what happened to a family in Mobile County just days ago. Fortunately, no one was hurt--except for the snake, of course. The pater familias was able to shoot that sucker dead before it bit anyone.

What would you do if this happened to you? Me, personally--I would just pack up all my belongings and call a realtor or, even better, a priest.

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