Community activists, leaders, school administrators, church leaders, etc. If you're doing something worthwhile, you CANNOT rely on social media entirely! Many people don't check their Facebook accounts regularly and aren't even on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

At one time, I complained about people who would post something on Facebook and assume that everybody would see it.  Understand that Facebook sends your posts to only a percentage of your "friends/followers."  So, if you have a friend with numerous friends/followers, unless you tag him/her, he or she may not ever see your post. 
Unfortunately, a tag doesn't always garner the desired attention either.  So, for those looking to serve the Tuscaloosa and West Alabama communities, we're making it easy for you.  If you have a public service announcement for WTUG, send it to  Easy to remember, right? Church news? That's easy, too:
Make sure we get your message and pass it along by sending it to our PSA email accounts!

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