Super Bowl 50 is going down Sunday, and it's going to be an epic match-up between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers. We get to see two legendary SEC QB's face each other in the biggest pro football game of the year. It's going to be awesome--but I'm going to be 100% honest with y'all here: I can't wait to watch the game, but I'm just as excited to watch the commercials.

Advertisers go ALL out for the Super Bowl. You get to share your product with the largest television audience you'll have all year, which means companies bring their A-game to the big game. I know people who watch the Super Bowl JUST FOR THE COMMERCIALS, y'all. I don't have to tell you what a big deal the Super Bowl is, so let's get down to it.

Here are my picks for the seven best Super Bowl ads of all-time.

Apple's iconic '1984' ad is the same age I am, and yet when I watch it, the ad still feels edgy.

Man, this is one of the funniest ads ever. I can't watch this without laughing so loudly my coworkers are concerned for my general well-being.

This ad is cute AND funny. Watching this little Darth Vader "use the force" always brightens my day.

Yeah, another Pepsi ad--they always BRING IT for the Super Bowl. This ad was from 1996, and here we are (20 years later) STILL talking about it. Legendary.

Snickers has some hysterical commercials, and this Betty White ad is the BEST.

Doritos is also known for their legendary ads; they've even challenged their fans to create ads for the big game. This particular ad features an adorable kid laying down the law to his mom's new man. It's cute AND funny.

This FedEx ad is my fave Super Bowl ad EVER. It has everything: a dancing bear, jokes, Journey, and BURT REYNOLDS. It always cracks me up.

What's your favorite Super Bowl ad? Do you think we'll see some great spots this year? I can't wait!