If you want to do something besides the cards, candy, perfumes/colognes, dinner, etc. for Valentine's Day, why not make it a night out while supporting a cause?

(Credit: Facebook/Darryl McKinstry)
(Credit: Facebook/Darryl McKinstry)

A benefit event is being held at McKinstry Banquet Hall tonight, and all of the proceeds will be given to the family of Jalen Merriweather, the 18-year-old Holt High student who was killed while attempting to defend his sister from a violent encounter.

This death has the Tuscaloosa community highly shaken, as it is another senseless murder, but by all accounts, Jalen was a remarkable young man who essentially became his sister's hero.

And if, by chance, you can't make it to tonight's event because of pre-existing plans, feel free to drop by beforehand to make a donation.  The same way we give $10 when a natural disaster strikes, disaster has struck our community.  Let's be our neighbors' keepers and help where we can.

A GoFundMe campaign has also been established to assist in his final arrangements.

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