Fourth of July fireworks are for the birds.

Actually, they're not.

Independence Day fireworks in Kirkland, Washington will be moved from their traditional spot on a barge in Lake Washington to accommodate a pair of baby bald eagles that are currently nesting in a tree there.

The National Audubon Society believes the birds, which are still too young to fly, would be so terrified by the display they are apt to try and leave the nest, falling to the ground and risking injury.

Bird experts say the creatures probably won't fly until August.

The fireworks will now be set off about thee-and-a-half football fields away from the nest and feature less noise than usual to avoid frightening the animals.

This is great news for bird lovers, but unfortunately there's no still no plan in place for calming your poodle when he cowers in the corner while freaking out because of all the noise.

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