Lemonade Day is designed to take kids from a dream to a business plan while teaching them the same principles required to start a big company.

The founders of Lemonade Day have set out to teach kids how to start and run a business by giving them the tools to create a lemonade stand.

June 18th is Lemonade Day across the nation and this year and Tuscaloosa youth will be able to get in on the action this year. If your child wants to participate and help, there are just a few steps they'll need to follow:

  • Register for FREE online by clicking here.
  • Pick up the FREE Lemonade Day Backpack. 
  • Set up their lemonade stand at the time and location of their choice and sells lemonade to the community.
  • Collect the profits, keep them or donate them to their favorite charity.

Each bright yellow backpack will includes an entrepreneur workbook, a mentor guide, & other goodies.

So join us on June 18th and help spread to work to all the kids in the area about Lemonade Day! Oh, and set aside a few bucks so you can buy some lemonade that day!