If you were watching The Late Show with David Letterman last night, you were probably surprised to hear Tuscaloosa's own Dreamland Bar-B-Que called out during a Top 10 list.

The list, a nightly staple segment for the show, was on the Top 10 'Things Overheard at George Clooney's Wedding.'  Then it happened, as Dave announced, "number 6, next stop: Alabama Dreamland Bar-B-Que." The show's camera goes to the crowd to see a surprised guy and a crowd roaring around him. The guy can be seen wearing a watch with the Alabama 'A.' As you see that, you wonder what's the connection?

Well, the man on the screen is Birmingham lawyer Scott Morro. Thanks to an interview with AL.com, we get the inside track how Dreamland came up in that list. Before the show, Dave came out to the audience and asked if anyone had a question. Scott Morro raised his hand. Dave asked him where he was from, he said, Birmingham, Alabama. Dave then commented with Paul about having been to our state before. Well, that apparently blew up his question.

Here's what Scott Morro told AL.com happened next:

So I'm standing up in the audience and we're like on the third row on the right, and then he goes, 'Well, what's Birmingham, Alabama, known for?' -- something like that.

And I said, Dreamland Bar-B-Que.

Something triggered the Late Show host at that moment, as a local favorite for ribs would make the show's Top 10 segment that night.  See the entire list, with Dreamland included, below.

The Late Show with David Letterman - Top 10 'Things Overheard at George Clooney's Wedding'