Alabama fan’s and most all other college football fan who have ever tailgated in Tuscaloosa would agree that few places can compare to the atmosphere on the Quad before a game.

Before the first kick off at Bryant Denny, this quick guide to the Do’s and Don’ts of tailgating at Alabama can help you navigate your way through the festivities. Based on actual events that have occurred over the years on the hallowed grounds of the Crimson Tide, these tips are useful for both newcomers and professional Tide tailgaters.

Below are a few submitted by Bama fans across the country.

DO use moderation when consuming alcohol, especially if your seats are located in the nosebleed section. Navigating a stretcher up the aisles is especially taxing on our EMT’s.

DO wear a medical alert bracelet that contains emergency contact information if you plan on drinking heavily before taking a leisurely stroll through the cemetery across the street from the stadium. Having easy access to next of kin will enable first responders to quickly notify others after you’ve taken a tumble because a tombstone got in the way of your head resulting in the need for stitches.

DON’T assume the nice young man offering to park you in the front yard for the low-low of only $20 is the actual property owner.

DON’T think that what happens on the Quad, stays on the Quad. Since erratic cell service has become part of the tailgating tradition, the use of cell phone cameras has increased.

DO have your event catered. Dragging a wagon two miles down University Boulevard will seem like a wonderful idea initially, but based on the number of abandoned wagons after each home game, that seldom turns out to be true.

DO welcome fans and foes alike into your tent. Alabama fans are known for their generosity to others.

DO wear comfortable shoes, ladies. Four-inch Jimmy Choo’s can strike envy in the heart of most women except when they’re on the feet of a woman making her way to the game. Then we feel pity that soon you’re feet will ache and later those magnificent shoes will end up in a trash receptacle.

DON’T leave your smart-phone down unattended at any time. On average, 100 phones are stolen from the Quad each week.

DON’T exhibit your acrobatic keg stands or the rapidity at which you can funnel a beer.

DO go easy on the hounds tooth. Coach Bryant wore the checkered pattern on his head. Not as leggings. Not as a Unitard. Not as slacks.

DO expect to return home with at least one personal item stolen, broken or possibly vaporized.

DON’T be over confident in your football throwing ability. Nothing suppresses quad camaraderie more than a bludgeoning a stranger who made the innocent mistake of walking through the trajectory of your pig skin missile.

This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list so what tailgating advice would you offer?

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