With Bacon Brew and Que quickly approaching, we're taking visits to the local restaurants to get a preview of what they will be bringing to the event on August 26.

First up is Peterbrooke Chocolatier, which just across the river on McFarland Boulevard. This ultimate chocolate shop will celebrate 10 years in Tuscaloosa at the beginning of September, and they'll be taking care of your sweet tooth next weekend.

Peterbrooke created an off-menu item especially for Bacon Brew and Que called Bacon Bark and it provides the perfect balance of sweet and salty. They use their gourmet dark and white chocolates and combine pieces of cooked bacon to create this delicious dessert. There will even be samples with sea salt and some with cayenne pepper to add a little kick to the bark.

Some of the best dishes each year are the ones that aren't even on a restaurant's menu and that will be the case again in 2017. Make sure you check out Peterbrooke on August 26.

Get more information on Bacon Brew and Que and pick up your VIP tickets before their sold out by visiting the event's website here.

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