If you're like me, you're fighting what feels like a losing battle with under eye circles. As a new mom, I never get enough sleep--and that takes a MAY-JAH toll on my face. I tried using every concealer under the sun, but then I learned the secret to hiding under eye circles. It's so easy!

The secret to covering dark circles--color theory. Purple under eye circles can be concealed by using YELLOW--the color opposite purple on the color wheel. I use Maybelline's Yellow Corrector Concealer before applying my makeup--cancelling out those purple undertones banishes dark eye circles.

The photos below show you how I put on my makeup every day. I always start by concealing my dark eye circles. The first few steps show you how, and then I have a few more photos showing how I complete my look.

It's that easy! I've been using Maybelline's Yellow Corrector Concealer for a while. I'm currently saving up to buy Benefit Cosmetic's yellow-hued Erase Paste, which my girls tell me is like the Michael Jordan of concealers. Check out my full product list below.


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