People and businesses across West Alabama are taking time this week to remember the April 27, 2011, tornado, and the city of Tuscaloosa will also do its part to honor the anniversary.

The city unveiled a new website aimed at showcasing the recovery process as the community continues to rebuild from that EF-4 tornado. features the eye-opening statistics from that day, before and after pictures from the hardest hit areas, and a list of events taking place this week.

It's remarkable to see the development of so many areas that were completely destroyed. From Rosedale to Forest Lake to Cedar Crest to Alberta, you likely wouldn't even recognize most of the areas from how they looked prior to the storm. The leadership in the city had a plan for moving the city forward, and residents are now seeing that vision come to life.

There's still a lot of recovery ahead, but Mayor Walt Maddox said that the next five years will be even better than what we've seen since April 27.