My daughter is OBSESSED with Hello Kitty. Our house is a whirlwind of Hello Kitty toys, clothes, games, books, and stickers. Imagine my surprise when I found a video series that stars her favorite Kitty AND teaches her valuable lessons--everything from eating veggies to helping around the house!

I found these videos Monday night--Dolly kept asking me if we could "watch Hello Kitty." Usually, we search the old YouTuber and watch a Hello Kitty cartoon just for fun--stuff like THIS or THIS. I stumbled across a clip called "Going to the Bathroom;" we watched, and I was surprised: it was fun to watch, AND it taught Dolly a valuable lesson about potty time.

I clicked on a few more clips with similar titles, and Dolly loved each one. After some Googling, I found out the little segments are from a DVD series called Growing Up with Hello Kitty; the series was made to teach preschoolers and young children life lessons and manners. We've only watched these clips a few times, but they are already having an impact on my kiddo's behavior.

Seriously--this week should be terrible, but it's been smooth sailing, y'all. My husband is an engineer for a Mercedes supplier, and he's been working third shift this week to fill in for one of his employees. It's really thrown our schedule off--and that usually means a dramatic uptick in toddler temper tantrums. Even though we're totally out of sorts, my little girl has behaved so well!

I know some people may harp on me for letting my kid watch like 30 minutes of videos a day, but those people are totally out of touch with reality. I'm not going to let those cray cray crazies mom guilt me into feeling bad about this. It's a fun series; we watch together, and it teaches my little one valuable lessons. It's a win-win-win.

What are your kid's favorite animated series? Leave your suggestions in the comments below so I can check them out!