Sweet Home Food Bar in downtown Tuscaloosa will bring the biggest variety of bacon dishes to Bacon Brew & Que on Saturday.

We stopped by this week to try two of the three items they are putting on the menu, and they are both outstanding.

First up is the BLT salad with pecan smoked bacon. It features the bowtie pasta with cherry tomatoes and that bacon. Yes, that bacon. It packs so much flavor and really stands out in the salad.

Next is the bacon corn muffins. These rich, slightly sweet muffins have little pieces of bacon baked inside. It creates a nice mix of sweet and savory that should go over well at Bacon Brew & Que.

Sweet Home Food Bar also plans to bring a bacon popcorn, which sounds like the perfect snack food.

If you haven't purchased tickets, they are on sale now and VIP is almost sold out.