The Bibb County Sheriff's Department is imploring parents to be aware of their children's online activity in the wake of reports of solicitation of minors.

The BCSD posted on Facebook Wednesday morning, urging parents and teachers to monitor the activity of children, pre-teens, and teenagers to ensure their safety. The Bibb County Sheriff's Department says their deputies have received multiple reports of solicitation of minors and that they are working with the FBI and other agencies to track down these offenders.

"We are asking the public, service members, parents, teachers, pastors, etc., to be more aware of your minors phone activity. The technology is being utilized to attract, entice and promote our youth through social media, internet, apps, video games, etc," the agency posted to Facebook. "Parents need to monitor their children/teen/pre-teen's phone more frequently. Make sure your children and youth understand the danger of predators lurking on the internet."

Anyone with information or reports of solicitation is asked to contact the Bibb County Sheriff's Department at (205) 926-4683.

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