October 21st. Back to the Future Day. I may or may not be expecting to wake up Wednesday morning and put on my self drying coat, my laceless Nike shoes, hologram hat and strut out to my garage in to hop in my flying car. A girl can dream, right?

What I DO know for sure I will be doing is totally getting my 80's on at Rivermarket from 6-9pm. If you haven't bought your tickets yet, you still have a chance to save a few bucks if you buy online. Hungry Howies will be there selling pizza, and Biff's Bar will be open serving some of your favorite brews from Greene Beverage, so I can think of something else I'd want to spend my $3 on.

Besides the 80's costume contest, the TWO Deloreans that will be on site and music that will have you busting out your "thriller" moves, we'll have some games and contests that you may want to brush up on your 80s trivia and song lyrics (name that tune anyone?). Maybe even do some light stretching to get yourself limbered up (this is the one time it is acceptable to wear spandex in public). PLUS - the 80's was when the rage of home shopping parties really hit. So, we're going to have some awesome home shopping going on too! Here's a little taste of what you can expect:

What else would you like to see at the Back to the 80's party? What other activities or games do you want to play? I have my Lisa Frank notebook and my pilot erasable ink pen ready to hear your feedback!

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