The captivating rescue in Cleveland isn’t the only amazing tale of human endurance amazing Americans this week.

A 90-year-old man in New Port Richey, Florida recently survived after being trapped in his car for four days, in part by keeping track of the days by lining Fig Newtons he had just purchased along his dashboard. He also made it through the ordeal by eating a variety of snacks, like cake and cookies that he had also bought.

Justyn ‘Jay’ Ambrozia accidentally fell and broke his arm and hip while he was out at a grocery store. Workers helped him up and he managed to get back to his car and drive home.

Once he pulled into the garage, Ambrozia couldn’t get out of his car, so he remained stuck in  there for four whole days. No one heard him yell and no one responded when he honked the horn. Finally, a neighbor walked by and noticed him. A call was made to 911 to finally help free him.

Ambrozia underwent hip surgery and is now resting.

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