Yesterday, I left my daughter's gymnastics class and drove to the McDonald Hughes Center to meet my mom and check out a FREE line dancing exercise class.  Guess where I'll be this evening.... Let me tell you about it!

First of all, when I pulled up, I was surprised by how many vehicles were in the parking lot. I figured they must have had some kind of youth activity going on at the same time.  So, my daughter, my niece, and I get out of the car and head into the center. Call me an one who under estimates, but I went to the front desk and asked which room the line dance class was in, expecting it to be a small meeting room or something, but I was led to the largest room, where balls and concerts are normally held.

I ease into the room and to my surprise, there's a class of around 100 women. These women are dancing, sweating, and really working out! Honestly, I was impressed.  THIS is the kind of exercising I can do and won't feel like I have to push myself to do it!

At the same time, I realized every time I've gone out and seen someone who doesn't really "go out," but she knows the line dance to every song.... Yeah, she's probably been taking this class.  I know I mentioned that the class is free, but did you catch it? The class is FREE!!!

And they dance the entire time they're there.  For the full hour!  You start with a line dance.  When it's over, some people clap because they've made it to the end.  Before they can get out their last claps good, the next song is starting.  So, there is a consistently elevated heart rate.  Last night, when the class was over, I spoke with a few people I know, and one said she just started taking the class last month and has already lost 10 lbs! She also stated that she's been eating right, but that's still good.

So, I'll definitely be making my way to the McDonald Hughes Center some Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  The greatest thing about this is that it's not an activity I have to work into my budget, and seeing the support the women give each other is always encouraging. If you're looking for a way to bond with your girls and relax from a long work day, you might want to check it out!