What's going on?

Memory . . . .
By remembering specific ways God has provided for us in the past, we can change our perspective for the better now and in the future.
Determination or Willpower?
Perhaps a better option than always relying on willpower is to consciously design our environments to remove the temptations that regularly prevent us living our best lives.
A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.
Why Celebrate Black History Month?
February is Black History Month. Since the 70's that familiar declaration has introduced countless celebrations of African American history and achievement, from Black History Minutes on television and radio to the pronouncements of U.S. presidents. But why is February designated and the month …
Talk to the Author
God desires that we have the mind of the Author so that through the teaching of the Spirit we hopefully will gain understanding of the greatest gift He has freely given.
What Do You Think About Prayer?
God's words sustain us whenever ours get slim. And in those moments I have found that it's very true that in prayer, we search for God, but it's more true that, in prayer, God searches for us.
Old Lady
God has a way of making your enemies your Footstool. Remember, those who do not care for you cannot do anything to or with you if you keep your eyes more on Jesus and less on man or woman.
Prism Vision
As Christians, we should be aware of the deceptive nature of our hearts. Let's allow the Holy Spirit to correct our vision through a knowledge of God's Word.
Are you having trouble Sleeping?
There are many reasons why sleep eludes us, many of which we can't do anything about. After much reading on this subject I have come to the conclusion that there is no "correct way" to sleep.
The End?
So let not your heart be troubled. Our sorrow is real, but we can be filled with gratitude because God 'gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ," the end is only the beginning.
FORGIVE ME . . . . .
Life is full of things that are not easy. But some things are very easy. Easier, in fact, than we sometimes realize. One of those things is being forgiven.
Please Give Me Courage!!
Sooner or later, life tests all of our virtues. Having any of these without courage is like having a flashlight without batteries. No matter how big or strong that flashlight, you'll be in the dark.
Something To Think About?
The collective statistics are only the tip of the iceberg regarding racial inequality in the schools. There should be some serious thinking as to why the country has turned away from the goal of Brown v. Board of Education and embraced deepening polarization and inequality in the schools.
Lasagna Rolls with Herbed Cheese
Bake for about 20-25 minutes or until cheese filling melts and the top is golden brown. This recipe turned out to be a rather delicious one and should serve 4 persons.
Are You Telling Your Children Lies?
If your child fears the dentist or getting a shot at the doctor's office, assuring them that the experience will ne painless may come from a protective place, but, it does not help a child cope with difficult situations and could even compound their fear the next ti,e.
Get Ready For Change . . . . .
Changing habits is no easy task, so before diving into your New Year's resolutions, it is important to take step back and get ready for that upcoming change.