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Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Climb to Near 800 in Tuscaloosa County
The Alabama Department of Public Health has now confirmed 799 cases of the novel Coronavirus within Tuscaloosa County. Almost half of these cases--395 of them in fact--have been confirmed in the last two weeks.
Dr. Ramesh Peramsetty, owner of Crimson Care which has several urgent and primary care fac…
Birmingham Zoo Announces Reopening Dates
When I first arrived In Alabama, I was told to experience the Birmingham Zoo. Since the arrival of COVID-19, I haven't been able to make the trip with my family. With Alabama slowly opening back up, we'll all be able to visit the Birmingham Zoo very soon.
Zoe & Zelda Are Sisters Looking for A Loving Home
After being cooped up in the house during quarantine, wouldn't your kids love a new loving pet to keep them company? A fresh face always brought out positive energy in my home as a kid. Every week, we partner with the Humane Society of West Alabama to bring you some new friendly faces that coul…

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