A community leader and Shelton State Community College representative is helping to bring a new sports academy and mentoring program to Tuscaloosa.

Joseph Eatmon, Dean of Community Relations at Shelton State Community College is heading the effort to bring the Dream City Basketball Academy to West Alabama.

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The Dream City Basketball Academy is free for boys and girls ages 13-16 in Tuscaloosa.

There isn't a program quite like this currently in Tuscaloosa which is why Joseph Eatmon says, there is a dire need for one.

"This is not just a basketball league. This is an academy. We will keep track of school attendance and behavior. We will also be doing mentoring and personal development to the students in the academy. Alabama One will also be providing financial resource courses to the community and parents as well. Discussing topics like budgeting, investments, and homeownership."

The registration deadline is approaching fast. Parents and guardians are encouraged to register as soon as possible for this free league.

Submitted, Joe Eatmon
Submitted, Joe Eatmon

You can register for the Dream City Basketball Academy by using this registration link.

With many issues plaguing the Tuscaloosa community's youth, the new academy plans to address and remedy those issues head-on.

"We plan to address school attendance, behavioral issues, skill, and personal development," said Eatmon.

"I started this work when I coached college basketball. Our motto was always “there is more to life than basketball”. We want these youth to know that at some point “the ball” will stop bouncing. Not even Jordan could play forever. It’s important that when that time comes they have tools that will help them continue to live a high-quality life."

The Dream City Basketball Academy is completely free for boys and girls ages 13-16 with registration closing on Feb 4th.

The academy was developed to give our youth something positive to do and hopefully will reinforce positive behaviors.

"We want our youth to know we care about them and their dreams, plus give them the tools they need and the best opportunity to achieve all of them successfully."

Use this link to register for the Dream City Basketball Academy or send an email to Joe Eatmon at Jeatmon@SheltonState.Edu.

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