Now we have all seen a slap that, well, let’s just say was memorable.  The most recent slap that comes to mind is the slap that sent Hollywood into a spiral.

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Most of us agree that this was the slap felt around the world.  Now before everyone jumps on me picking sides, this brings me to the reason I am writing this story,  I have seen a slap that you won’t forget!

bear Rocky duncan Facebook
bear Rocky duncan Facebook


Have you ever wondered what you would do if you came face to face with a bear? Now don’t forget to click the video link following this story to see how someone did react to a face-to-face bear meeting in his yard!

Would you run away? Fall into the fetal position and cry? Or do you think you are brave enough to slap a bear? Most likely one of the first two choices are what most people would choose.  Well with all the recent bear activity here in Alabama and our surrounding states, it’s looking like we may all see a bear roaming around in the near future.  That’s something I would think would only occur at a zoo.  Last year we saw the bears mating in a local driveway, now here’s a video showing you how brave, or idiotic, we can be to protect our loved ones from a bear.

Moon Bear Rescue Centre In Chengdu
Getty Images

This guy just reacted without thinking to protect his girlfriend and fur babies.  I mean I don’t think he thought about it. I can’t imagine that he sat there one evening drinking sweet tea and thinking I am going to slap a bear to protect my family.  Now was this just a primal instinct to protect his loved ones or a death wish?  See video below..

Luckily everyone walked away in one piece. How many people can say they slapped a bear and lived to talk about it? I am not sure how I would react, I told my girlfriend I would throw her to the bear to save my dog. I kid..

Now yes, bears are scary and can get into things on our properties. Yes, there are ways to prevent them from being curious and looking for their next meal in our backyards, but are we vigilant to prevent them from doing so? Let’s just all agree to be more cautious of our surroundings here in Alabama and take measures to prevent bears from inviting themselves into our yards.

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