It's always inspiring to see successful, talented local entrepreneurs give back to the community of Tuscaloosa.

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Tuscaloosa Hyundai owner, Barry Buckner, is truly giving back to Tuscaloosa with some unique items.


Wingbone Turkey Calls.

Yes, that's right..

Tuscaloosa Hyundai owner Barry Buckner has a passion for hand-crafting Wingbone turkey calls.

These aren't just any Wingbone turkey calls either. Wait, there's more. These are truly special, hand-crafted turkey calls with a custom display box PLUS thirteen Majestic Swarovski Crystal Rollerball Pens.

According to Buckner, this started as a hobby of sorts and has now, turned into a business. These calls are in high demand due to the way they are hand-crafted by Mr. Buckner.

Buckner wants to use some of these special items to help The UCP of West Alabama with their "Big Dreams Outdoors" fundraiser on August 31.

Buckner, and Cody Ingram from UCP of West Alabama, visited with Steve & DC on WFFN-FM (95.3 The Bear) to shed light on the venture.

Barry Buckner speaks with passion on the work of The UCP of West Alabama's "Big Dreams Outdoors" campaign.

Photo: Facebook/Barry Buckner
Photo: Facebook/Barry Buckner

He makes it clear that you will see no bigger smiles than the smiles on the faces who are enjoying a "big dream" in the great outdoors.

Cerebral Palsy is a movement disorder that appears in early childhood. It can lead to other complications like Epilepsy and learning disabilities. It's also a lifelong disorder for those who are impacted.

The 2023 Annual Dinner Banquet is August 31 at Northriver Yacht Club and cocktails and music begin at 5 pm.

Donations are the best way to get involved if you have a desire to help.

You can get ticket info and donation instructions below on the UCP of West Alabama Facebook page.


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