Another legendary, popular restaurant in Alabama is closing, but is it closing forever?

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The "meat and three" family restaurant, Southland, is going away.

Some questions remain on how long this local favorite will be gone.

A sign on the door implies that it will return under new ownership at some point in the future.

*From Facebook/Steve Shannon

Southland opened in 1947 and has had several owners through the years.


Photo: Facebook/Bob Jones
Photo: Facebook/Bob Jones


Of course, Southland was known for it's hamburger steak (and sauce) and fried catfish at their Cottondale location.


Photo: Facebook/Bob Jones
Photo: Facebook/Bob Jones

Several comments on social media also mentioned the salad bar with the famous "block of cheese" that you could grab a slice from.

A sign posted on the Southland door hints at a possible return one day down the road, but no firm date was given.

Keep watching this space for further details on all restaurant openings and closings in West Alabama.

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