Spam can be found in nearly every grocery store in Alabama. The USDA has issued a public warning about a recent batch of the processed meat product.

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Hormel Foods Corp. Services LLC is the company that produces the Spam product. The lot which caused the public warning was processed back in August. It was later determined the meat product was under-processed, which could cause contamination.

David McNew/Getty Images
David McNew/Getty Images

The Spam that caused the warning has a best-used date of August 2026.One detail to look for if you think you have a can of Spam that may be contaminated is the lot code "A08173."

You will find the lot code printed on the bottom of the can. The product that caused the alert was transported to H.E.B. locations in Texas. There were no other retailers affected by the warming.

The issue began when Hormel Foods reported that they had accidentally shipped many products that may not have been fully processed to industry safety standards. No one has reported any adverse issues connected to the Spam lot in question. Consumers are encouraged if they have bought these products to either return them to the place of purchase or dispose of them.

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