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Please pray for the families.

Lexi White Cullman Daily Facebook
Lexi White Cullman Daily Facebook

The Sherrifs office statement is bellow.

Cullman Daily broke the sad news.

BREAKING: Kenny Booth, a deputy in Cullman County, shot and killed a dispatcher who he was on a beach trip with this morning in Orange Beach. Lexi White, 23, was pronounced deceased at the scene from multiple gunshot wounds.
After firing at her, Booth turned the firearm on himself and proceeded to take his own life. Please pray for the Sheriff’s Office and families.
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From Cullman Sheriff: “The Cullman County Sheriff’s Office is deeply saddened and are mourning the loss of two of our employees. Earlier today, the CCSO was contacted by Orange Beach Police Department to inform us of the tragic incident.
An apparent argument seemingly escalated to a point where Kenneth Booth, a Cullman County Deputy, drew a weapon and killed the victim. The victim was also an employee of the Sheriff’s Office and the two were involved in a dating relationship. Booth then turned the weapon on himself, taking his life.
This continues to be an ongoing investigation by Orange Beach Police Department and no further information is available at this time.
“Our family here at the Sheriff’s Office is devastated. We are all in shock and saddened to our very core. Our hearts go out to the families of all those involved. I would ask that everyone join me in praying for the families, and for everyone here at the Sheriff’s Office.
Lexi has been a part of the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office since she was 16. She was a charter member in our Youth Leadership Academy, and was involved in every one after that – either as a participant, or coach. There are not enough words to express what she and her family mean to me. I am literally heartbroken. I feel like Lexi is one of my own kids,” said Sheriff Matt Gentry.”

Cullman Daily later posted

Lexi White was well respected and loved by many at the Sheriff’s Office. Please pray for her family, friends and all those who loved her during the coming days.
She was only 23 years old.

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