The Westboro Baptist Church is coming to Tuscaloosa on May 18th to picket at the University of Alabama; the picket is supposed to serve as a reminder to Tuscaloosa and West Alabama that the April 27, 2011 tornado was a direct punishment from God for our Godless ways. Or whatever.

Would you attend a counter-protest to these jerks? My coworker and I have been debating this all morning. On one hand, you don't want to give these crazies any more attention or press, as that's all they crave, but...

On the other hand, I want a chance to look these people square in the eye and tell them they have NO IDEA. I want to tell them how I have never seen a community united like I have after 4/27. I want to tell them about the selflessness that renewed my own faith, about neighbors helping neighbors, strangers helping strangers, and rebuilding OUR city, brick by brick, after a loss so large they can't even fathom.

I want to go toe-to-toe with these heartless cowards and say, "Bless Your Heart; GO HOME. Roll Tide."

What about you? Would you attend a counter-protest? Cast your vote in the poll below.