According to Tuscaloosa Police, today at 11:09am , the University of Alabama Police Department received calls about an incident that occurred at the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity house. When police responded to the calls, it was discovered that a suspect had been involved in an altercation with two family members who work for the fraternity. The Crimson White tweeted that the '[…]Gunman was previously employed by UA and is going through divorce with a member of the house kitchen staff.” During the altercation, the suspect fired a shot at one of the family members. No injuries have been reported, and no students were involved.

11:14am, Tuscaloosa Police responded to a stabbing call. An altercation occurred at a residence in the 1100 Block of East 22nd Ave in which a 28-year-old woman was stabbed by 61-year-old Eugene Kelly. The victim is said to have had a relationship with Kelly’s son.

Kelly fled the scene and wrecked his vehicle on University Blvd at the viaduct over Kicker Rd. He then got out of his vehicle, according to witnesses, and attempted to jump off the bridge, but bystanders held him down. When Tuscaloosa Police arrived on the scene, Kelly was taken into custody. While in custody, TPD was notified by UAPD about the suspect’s involvement in an incident that occurred on campus.

Kelly was taken to DCH for injuries he sustained in his crash. His stabbing victim was also transported to DCH for non-life threatening injuries. He faces attempted murder and other charges. There is an ongoing investigation.