When the Main Avenue Mortuary opened its doors in Northport this October, the area had its own haunted house for the first time in four years.

Located on Main Avenue right down the street from the popular City Cafe, the attraction took on a venue that's stood in that spot for over 100 years and transformed it into a mortuary-themed haunted house that has frightened visitors nearly as much on the outside as it has on the inside.

Upon arrival, you might want to be on the lookout for any number of characters milling through the lines and creeping out of shadows. It's not uncommon to see someone being chased across the front yard of the house or hear shrills echoing around the backyard.

The multi-sensory experience has received great reviews from young and old, many of whom are excited to have a haunted house that doesn't take an evening of travel to enjoy. We'd love to hear about your visit if you came through the Main Avenue Mortuary this year. Please leave a comment below or interact with us on Facebook.