As the defense prepares to rest it's case against George Zimmerman, tension builds of what happens after the verdict. Social media has proven a useful tool for those wishing to incite nationwide unrest, as well as those who wish to quell it, if the jury returns an acquittal or finds Zimmerman not guilty of second degree murder.

Police departments across the nation are monitoring social media and preparing for possible riots based on warning tweets issued in the event Zimmerman walks after shooting Trayvon Martin. One twitter user, whose profile indicates he's a student at Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, promised to start a riot:


The tweet, which appears to be isolated locally, was shared over twenty-seven times. The majority of those seemed motivated to distribute the warning and some even questioned the author for making the alleged threat.

Townsquare Media contacted Tuscaloosa Police Public Information Officer, Sgt. Brent Blankley for a statement on any local preparations. 'No incidents resulting from the Zimmerman verdict are anticipated or expected,' Sgt. Blankley said, 'But the police department is always ready to respond to any situation'.

Do you think a Zimmerman acquittal will result in riots and how do you think those who support a not guilty verdict will react if he is found guilty?